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spammers gone wild
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/30/08
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paper sculptures

Yvonne Lacet
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/29/08

'get a real life'

Social Networking Wars
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/26/08

internet 'music buzz'

BBC - Sound Index
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/25/08

open source aerial fun

Where On Earth Is Waldo? (ads)
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/23/08


Life in London captured digitally
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/22/08

objects in orbit

Space debris: evolution in pictures
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/18/08

'crazy' officials

Innocent photographer or terrorist?

Misplaced fears about terror, privacy and child protection are preventing amateur photographers from enjoying their hobby...

Posted by joe.jenett on 04/17/08

cellphone view

Small Screen Renderer Firefox extension

Turn your Firefox into a cellphone browser. It adds a new menu entry "Small Screen Rendering" under the View menu. Just select it to have the page you are currently browsing redisplayed in a cellphone style.

Posted by joe.jenett on 04/15/08

spam 2.0

Posted by joe.jenett on 04/12/08
spam - web - words

misdirected comments


The Gumbaby Project is an attempt to gather together a directory of comments posted on blogs (and guestbooks, and other inappropriate places) by people apparently led astray by search engines. Certain threads on some sites seem to attract confusion over and over again. People arrive at a blog, mistake the author for a celebrity, an expert, or an authority, and they begin talking as if that's who was listening.

Posted by joe.jenett on 04/11/08

new AIR application

Adobe Media Player Now Available
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/10/08

Japanese matchbox labels

Match World Virtual Museum
[pica + pixel]
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/08/08

snooping and profiling

The Phorm 'Webwise' System

Related post: 'fears over the future of the internet'

Posted by joe.jenett on 04/05/08

issue is 'privacy' not 'piracy'

Policing internet 'not ISP's job'

The head of one of Britain's biggest internet providers has criticised the music industry for demanding that he act against pirates.

Related: ISPs could face piracy sanctions

Posted by joe.jenett on 04/04/08

live footage and mp3s

Schedule Two
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/03/08

'phonautograms' from the 1800s

Posted by joe.jenett on 04/03/08

cars collaborating

Networks promise 'accident-free' cars
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/01/08

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