lo-fi game downloads

16x16 Games
Posted by jenett on 06/30/08

'disposable paper rulers'

Some printable paper rulers
Posted by jenett on 06/29/08

manage Firefox3 data

SQLite Manager Firefox extension

Note: This is not an endorsement.

Posted by jenett on 06/28/08


Natascha Libbert

Natascha Libbert (1973) lives in The Hague, Holland and has been studying photography at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) since 2005.

Posted by jenett on 06/27/08

'compendium of quotations'

Posted by jenett on 06/26/08

'technology solving problems'

World Community Grid
[Ireneo's Memory]
Posted by jenett on 06/25/08

goofy add-on

STOP! Hammertime! Firefox extension

Adds 'STOP! Hammertime!' functionality to Firefox - Simply install and marvel as you hear MC Hammer sing whenever a page is stopped! Includes a new feature to allow you to change between a Hammertime button or a standard stop button - Now you can have the vocal without the visual! Install on friends computers when they're not looking for maximum enjoyment.

Posted by jenett on 06/24/08

'Beautiful Word Clouds'

Posted by jenett on 06/22/08

clowns everywhere

whysoserious (Flash)
Posted by jenett on 06/18/08

a reminder

Download Day 2008

Posted by jenett on 06/17/08

true number could be higher

Blogger arrests hit record high

More bloggers than ever face arrest for exposing human rights abuses or criticising governments, says a report.

Since 2003, 64 people have been arrested for publishing their views on a blog, says the University of Washington annual report...

Posted by jenett on 06/16/08

'land of make believe'

Photos of TV
Posted by jenett on 06/15/08

'the Boston Photography Scene'

Boston Photography Focus
Posted by jenett on 06/14/08

a take on 'tetris'

LOCKJAW Tetromino Game (Windows)
Posted by jenett on 06/13/08

comic character blog

Hello. Darcel here. – "Living one disappointing moment after another."
Posted by jenett on 06/10/08

online since 1996

The Airbrush Museum & Séance Room – "a serious site with a twist of humor"
Posted by jenett on 06/09/08

'movie-plot threat'

The War on Photography
Posted by jenett on 06/07/08

'did not inform customers'

Call to prosecute BT for ad trial

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snooping and profiling
'fears over the future of the internet'

Posted by jenett on 06/06/08

may be useful to you

Posted by jenett on 06/02/08

says Candadian privacy group

Facebook 'violates privacy laws'
Posted by jenett on 06/01/08

'say it loud'

tights are not pants
[Ireneo's Memory]
Posted by jenett on 06/01/08

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