building signage/typography


Preserve is on going project to produce a permanent visual record of hand painted building signage. Many of these are being erased from our cityscapes either being worn away by weather over time, covered as buildings have been repainted, disappearing as buildings are demolished or replaced with modern signage equivalents...

Posted by joe.jenett on 03/31/09

Tokyo's film cameras

tokyo camera style

We are at the point where people who shoot film do simply because they choose to, and the Photo Culture of Tokyo is full of film camera users. When I meet them out on the streets I'll ask to photograph their camera, and post it here.

Posted by joe.jenett on 03/30/09

helps to manage history/cookies

Close'n forget Firefox extension

Set options before using. Also, it appears to affect [back] button functionality.

Posted by joe.jenett on 03/28/09

documenting printed cartoon art

The Ohio State Cartoon Library & Museum
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/27/09

UK government is watching you!

Social network sites 'monitored' – "It is part of a plan to store details of all phone calls, e-mails and websites visited on a central database..."
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/26/09

enshrined in the "Hall of Fumes"

US boy wins smelly trainer glory
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/25/09

dealing with targeted ads

Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO) Firefox extension

Sets permanent opt-out cookies to stop targeted advertising by 28 different advertising networks, including Google/Doubleclick and many other members of the Network Advertising Initiative.

Please read the "Long Description" before installing this add-on, for important note regarding privacy settings in Firefox.

Note: This is not an endorsement.

Posted by joe.jenett on 03/22/09

'Salon owners... expressed relief'

New Jersey backpedals on proposed bikini waxing ban
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/21/09

'thinking outside the box'

EDAR – "Everyone Deserves A Roof"
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/19/09

'play god now'

bugworld - a generative vermin installation (Flash)
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/17/09

'huge power'

Tim Berners-Lee on the next Web
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/13/09

'integrity of the internet'

Web founder's 'snooping' warning
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/11/09

'fake album covers'

[Bifurcated Rivets]
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/10/09

like a sturgeon...
[Appendix A]
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/08/09

gallery of music-related design

Hardformat - Reaching for the sublime in music design.
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/04/09

color science terms

Color Glossary
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/03/09

'a digitalization project'

The Virtual Laboratory – "Essays and Resources on the Experimentalization of Life"
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/02/09

'the music is free'

Taylor Hayward – "ambient classical music"
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/01/09

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