videoblog 'theory and practice'

vlog 4.0 [a blog about vogs]
Posted by jenett on 03/30/10

'How interesting.'

Your company's urge to tweet
Posted by jenett on 03/28/10

handy 'userscript'

TinyURL Decoder for Greasemonkey (requires Greasemonkey extension for using with Firefox)
Posted by jenett on 03/27/10

time of day

TimeTweets - Where tweets go tick-tock. (and where spammers apparently jump right in)
Posted by jenett on 03/26/10

'interact with music'

ccMixter – "a community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want"
Posted by jenett on 03/25/10

'sticky notes online'

Listhings (beta) (blog)
Posted by jenett on 03/24/10

important security fixes

Firefox 3.6.2 Released
Posted by jenett on 03/23/10

Only on the...

Posted by jenett on 03/22/10

things 'a bit odd'

Wikipedia:Unusual articles
Posted by jenett on 03/19/10

clarifies bookmarklets

Online javascript beautifier
Posted by jenett on 03/18/10

icon search engine
Posted by jenett on 03/17/10

'relaxation and liberalization'

Canon to begin acquisition of the ".canon" Top-Level Domain name [Surfstation]
Posted by jenett on 03/16/10

'don't fall prey' to scammers

Census Scams - You Can Count on It
Posted by jenett on 03/15/10

stylin' toy (2)

CSS3 Generator
Posted by jenett on 03/14/10

free icon packs

Free Icons for Windows and Macintosh
Posted by jenett on 03/13/10

bravo for saying it

Advertising is devastating to my well-being

I run my own website(s) at a loss specifically because I'd rather pay out of my own pocket than force people to look at ads. Admittedly my sites are so small that it's not much money. But there you have it. If I had to generate revenue to keep my sites going, I would find a way other than advertising to do it. Or I'd shut them down.

Posted by jenett on 03/07/10

'hybrid forms of writing'

Typographia (Flash)
Posted by jenett on 03/06/10

'Create something.'

Posted by jenett on 03/05/10

'search by sentiments'

Posted by jenett on 03/04/10

Javascript tips for developers

10 Small Things You May Not Know About Javascript
Posted by jenett on 03/03/10

layouts 'collapse intelligently'

Less Framework – "An HTML5-powered CSS framework for building smart website layouts for varying screen widths."
Posted by jenett on 03/02/10

source for desktop icons

Open Icon Library
Posted by jenett on 03/01/10

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