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Posted by jenett on 02/17/14

need to measure?

RulersGuides.js – "a Javascript library which enables Photoshop-like rulers and guides interface on a web page" (available as bookmarklet)
Posted by jenett on 09/28/13

finds unused CSS styles


CSSess is a JS tool that helps find extra CSS rules on your site. It is designed to be used as a bookmarklet.

Posted by jenett on 05/06/13

'cool bookmarklet' maker

Bookmarklet Combiner (info)
Posted by jenett on 06/21/12

nifty bookmarklet

Responsive Design Test
[Pinboard (troykitch)]
Posted by jenett on 04/22/12

'a way to stop hoarding'

Instapaper Placebo
Posted by jenett on 03/20/12

'cool and simple idea'

Responsive Design bookmarklet
Posted by jenett on 01/29/12

'track down' images

?¿ src-img
[The Letter]
Posted by jenett on 11/18/11

Firefox 7 kills 'window.resizeTo()'

Among my most useful bookmarklets are those I use to resize my main browser window. With Firefox 7, they no longer work. Some config changes made them work again, but only temporarily. This does not necessarily benefit the user. In some cases, it interrupts one's workflow.

Others have noticed the problem as well:

I don't like it when a site attempts to resize my window and never revisit such sites. But as a user, I want the freedom to quickly resize my own window to various specific sizes as needed and this change in Firefox 7 stops me from doing so – not a good decision in my opinion.

Posted by jenett on 09/29/11

'share your ideas' (bookmarklet)


Draw on any webpage with MarkUp to quickly share your thoughts.

Posted by jenett on 10/20/10

the 'command line' approach

Quix - Your Bookmarklets, On Steroids 
Posted by jenett on 10/15/10

a new take on 'readability'

QuickRead (bookmarklet)
Posted by jenett on 08/27/10

selector 'discovery' bookmarklet

SelectorGadget: point and click CSS selectors
Posted by jenett on 02/27/09

'assistive tools'

'Design' bookmarklet
Posted by jenett on 12/18/07

useful tools

Web Development Bookmarklets
Posted by jenett on 07/15/05

just click 'crunch'

Bookmarklet Crunchinator – "quickly create a bookmarklet from some javascript code"
Posted by jenett on 01/22/05

JavaScript resource

Tips for Writing Bookmarklets 
Posted by jenett on 04/14/04

useful for designers

Web Development Bookmarklets 
Posted by jenett on 12/22/03

a/k/a Bookmarklets

Favlets for Web Designers 
Posted by jenett on 12/17/03

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