‘not just free’

Free Music Archive
Posted by jenett on 03/14/14

on the ‘rise of modernism’

Modernist Journals Project – “modernism began in the magazines”
Posted by jenett on 02/27/14

from pubs to museums

Randomness Guide to London (RGL)
Posted by jenett on 02/25/14

‘social cluster of opinions’

Dear City

Dear City is a simple concept allowing a citizen to leave (anonymous) messages to the city he or she lives in...

[Guerrilla Innovation]

Posted by jenett on 11/04/13

remnants of a closed railway

Great Central Railway through Leicester
Posted by jenett on 10/06/13

the world of 45s

Office Naps | 45rpm curios
Posted by jenett on 08/06/13

'make a promise'

Before I Die I Want To...

The question: "What do you want to do before you die?"

The answers: USA | India

Posted by jenett on 06/26/13

'brings together the riches'

Digital Public Library of America
Posted by jenett on 04/24/13

poetry and culture

Coldfront Magazine
[Word For/Word]
Posted by jenett on 04/21/13

List: Museums (Photography)

Posted by jenett on 03/28/13

'discover the history'


an alternative way of browsing the SFPL's incredible San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection

(reminded by Hypnophant)

Posted by jenett on 01/26/13

'What people are saying'

Homophobic language isn’t always meant to be hurtful, but how often do we use it without thinking?

Posted by jenett on 10/04/12

'out-of-copyright works'

The Public Domain Review
Posted by jenett on 09/27/12

setting culture free

Life is Change: A Free Cultural Work: Downloads (dedicated to the Public Domain) [Eduardo Morais' stream]
Posted by jenett on 08/21/12

'more of what matters'

Center for a New American Dream

We work with individuals, institutions, businesses, and communities to conserve natural resources, counter the commercialization of our culture, support community engagement, and promote positive changes in the way goods are produced and consumed.

Posted by jenett on 01/06/12

'community of storytellers'

Cowbird - A witness to life (About)

Our short-term goal is to pioneer a new form of participatory journalism, grounded in the simple human stories behind major news events and universal themes. Our long-term goal is to build a public library of human experience, so the knowledge and wisdom we accumulate as individuals may live on as part of the commons, available for this and future generations to look to for guidance.

Posted by jenett on 12/09/11

'We bring history to life.'

Ephemera Studies
Posted by jenett on 08/10/11

educating the public

100 Years of Sex

What is the best STD poster of the past century?

[Social Design Notes]

Posted by jenett on 07/09/11

guess the title

Famous Objects from Classic Movies

Which movie does the object come from?

Posted by jenett on 03/05/11

'basically a crappy blog'

Uptown Almanac | San Francisco: Where 20-Somethings go to Retire (some mature content)
Posted by jenett on 01/02/11

public domain digitization inititative

Open Music Archive
Posted by jenett on 12/11/10

'Global Peace Index'

Vision of Humanity
Posted by jenett on 08/18/10

'to serve and entertain'

bar bands of the 1970s: a picture thread
Posted by jenett on 08/01/10

a '2 minute journey'

(See author's site)

Posted by jenett on 07/22/10

photos 'lost in time'

time tales – "a collection of found photographs"
Posted by jenett on 07/15/10

materials for teachers

Teaching Tolerance – "dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences for our nation's children"
Posted by jenett on 05/09/10

a question worth asking

Why Are iPad Factory Workers Killing Themselves?
Posted by jenett on 04/19/10

timely narrative

What happened in my birth year?
Posted by jenett on 02/16/10

'to promote global awareness' (some commercial content)
Posted by jenett on 02/14/10

'Arts and Ideas'

Boulder Pavement
Posted by jenett on 01/31/10

'free and open Web'

World Wide Web Foundation

Advance the Web. Empower People.

We envision a Web that empowers all people, including billions excluded today, by providing new opportunities for creativity, collaboration, teaching, learning, enterprise and a better life. To reach this goal, the Web Foundation will put the power of the Web into the hands of people around the world through effective, high-impact programs.

Posted by jenett on 11/16/09

'think culture'

Europeana – "a place for inspiration and ideas"
Posted by jenett on 10/24/09

detailed historical documents

National Park Service History: Park Histories
Posted by jenett on 10/01/09

explore the vaults

National Archives Experience (Flash)
Posted by jenett on 09/19/09

submitted moonwalk videos

Eternal moonwalk - A tribute to Michael Jackson. (Flash)
Posted by jenett on 07/05/09

'excesses of capitalism'

Maybe you shouldn't buy that
[Bifurcated Rivets]
Posted by jenett on 05/06/09

Tokyo's film cameras

tokyo camera style

We are at the point where people who shoot film do simply because they choose to, and the Photo Culture of Tokyo is full of film camera users. When I meet them out on the streets I'll ask to photograph their camera, and post it here.

Posted by jenett on 03/30/09

'Salon owners... expressed relief'

New Jersey backpedals on proposed bikini waxing ban
Posted by jenett on 03/21/09

'thinking outside the box'

EDAR – "Everyone Deserves A Roof"
Posted by jenett on 03/19/09

'examines the diversity'

American Journal Magazine
Posted by jenett on 02/21/09

public domain audiobooks

LibriVox – "acoustical liberation of books in the public domain"
Posted by jenett on 01/30/09

a new day

a new day

Posted by jenett on 01/20/09

'a hyperlocal blog'

Posted by jenett on 01/13/09

international photojournalism

Photo Gallery: 2008 -- The Year in Photos
Posted by jenett on 01/02/09

'hip-hop video blog'

ill doctrine
Posted by jenett on 09/07/08

Indie = Low self-esteem?

Music tastes link to personality
Posted by jenett on 09/05/08

extensive Dylan resource

Bob Dylan: Chords and Lyrics
Posted by jenett on 08/10/08

'Look at you!'

Faces of Bellingham©
Posted by jenett on 07/27/08

opening access to archives*

NPR API is Live on

*some content excluded (see follow-up)

Posted by jenett on 07/16/08

true number could be higher

Blogger arrests hit record high

More bloggers than ever face arrest for exposing human rights abuses or criticising governments, says a report.

Since 2003, 64 people have been arrested for publishing their views on a blog, says the University of Washington annual report...

Posted by jenett on 06/16/08

Japanese matchbox labels

Match World Virtual Museum
[pica + pixel]
Posted by jenett on 04/08/08

'independent WebTV' – "films where people and not politics are the headlines"
Posted by jenett on 03/03/08

public art program

no longer available
Posted by jenett on 03/02/08

'most acceptable rodent'

Hamster prices triple in China
Posted by jenett on 02/12/08

life's many predicaments

Sausage shortage looms for Swiss

Swiss butchers have raised the alarm over a shortage of the Brazilian cows' intestines used to wrap the nation's favourite sausage, the Cervelat....

A joint "Task Force Cervelat" composed of scientists, bureaucrats and industry representatives has been formed to tackle the sausage crisis.

Posted by jenett on 01/15/08

the 'Intellectual YouTube'

Big Think - We Are What You Think
Posted by jenett on 01/13/08


US town escapes 666 phone prefix – "A town in the US state of Louisiana is to be allowed to change its telephone prefix so that residents can avoid a number many associate with the Devil...."
Posted by jenett on 12/29/07

a look at 'ancient history'

The Psychedelic '60s
Posted by jenett on 11/08/07

advertising in public space

The Anti-Advertising Agency
The steady normalization of invasive advertising dulls the public's perception of their surroundings, re-enforcing a general attitude of powerlessness toward creativity and change, thus a cycle develops enabling advertisers to slowly and consistently increase the saturation of advertising with little or no public outcry.
Related project: (see coolstop review)
Posted by jenett on 11/07/07

'Arts in the Parks'

Boaz Vaadia's Sculptures at Morningside Park, NYC
Posted by jenett on 10/08/07

police remove 'offending loo'

Row over Italian toilet artwork
Posted by jenett on 10/06/07

a different era...

Just another brick in the wall?
Posted by jenett on 10/02/07

'modern self-portraits'

Virtual Friendship and the New Narcissism
...Social networking websites may make relationships more reliable, but whether those relationships can be humanly satisfying remains to be seen.
[Justin Blanton]
Posted by jenett on 10/01/07

in search of a national slogan

1,000 mottos for the UK
National mottos have been around almost as long as nation states, yet the UK has been characteristically demure about committing a spirited slogan to paper....

...So, in the interests of representing Britain in all its rich diversity, below, we present not 10, not 100 but 1,000+ of the best mottos for the UK, submitted by our readers.
Posted by jenett on 09/25/07

teaching the wrong values

On teaching artists' rights
Posted by jenett on 09/21/07

'Design and Social Change'

Reduce & Reuse Gallery – "How might you encourage people to use waste, and/or consume less? Invent a creative way to reuse something, or invent a device or object that uses waste in a meaningful way." [Swikiri]
Posted by jenett on 08/13/07

thin-skinned King

Malaysia cracks down on bloggers
Posted by jenett on 07/27/07

'communication in public spaces'
Posted by jenett on 07/23/07

experiments and demos

Face Research – "psychology experiments about preferences for faces and voices"
Posted by jenett on 06/20/07

'forbidden exposures'

US town set to ban saggy trousers
Posted by jenett on 06/15/07

about culture...

tinyways – "This is not a blog. tinyways is about culture, and this is said because a wider term was not found. All of this is because music is not just music, a book is not just a book, a movie is not just a movie and a play is not just a play, but tinyways is just tiny, yet it does pretend to show a way."
Posted by jenett on 06/13/07

'perfect place'

Immersed in Japan's media pods
Posted by jenett on 05/21/07

unusual street posters

First Responders
Posted by jenett on 04/30/07

'mixed views'

Brazil rainforest internet plan – "A move to provide free internet access to native Indian tribes to help protect the Amazon rainforest from illegal logging has been announced in Brazil..."
Posted by jenett on 03/30/07

Ukranian street art

[Ireneo's Memory]
Posted by jenett on 03/29/07

digital collection

Cities Around the World – "presents over 6,100 photographic images from the slide collections of the American Geographical Society Library"
Posted by jenett on 03/14/07

gallery of unused objects

the 'best before project'
[Guerrilla Innovation]
Posted by jenett on 01/30/07

interactive Java applet

Genealogy of Influence – "a visualization of the connections between the most influential writers, artists, philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians of Western culture" [Ireneo's Memory]
Posted by jenett on 01/25/07

to provoke thought...

Le Grand Content (Quicktime)
Posted by jenett on 01/21/07

local music scenes

Posted by jenett on 01/02/07

'Godfather of Soul'

Soul star James Brown dies at 73
Posted by jenett on 12/25/06

'compulsive internet use'

US shows signs of net addiction
Posted by jenett on 10/20/06

'from innocence to experience'

The New Settlers of New Mexico
Photographs by Irwin Klein
Posted by jenett on 07/23/06

'bands coming to your town'

Posted by jenett on 05/08/06

food for thought...

Dance, Monkeys, Dance (Flash)
Posted by jenett on 04/24/06

Exploring Underground NY

NYC24: The Underground Issue
Posted by jenett on 03/21/06

strengthens social ties...

Internet serves as 'social glue'
[IFTF's Future Now]
Posted by jenett on 02/25/06

independent films – "The mission of is to build a national preserve of documentary films about American folk or roots culture. Produced by independent filmmakers, these hard-to-find films give voice to the arts and experience of diverse American groups. They are streamed on the website together with background materials that highlight the history and aesthetic importance of the traditions and the films."
Posted by jenett on 10/13/05

science and culture

Ingenious – "seeing things differently"
Posted by jenett on 09/16/04


:: s c i c u l t ::
"bridging science & culture through contemporary art"
Posted by jenett on 04/25/04

"art, music, literature and film"

Posted by jenett on 01/09/04

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