brings ‘designs to life’

8 Pure CSS Flat Mobile Devices made with Marvel
Posted by jenett on 04/01/14

‘part of our past’

Immersion: a people-centric view of your email life

It’s about self-reflection, art, privacy and strategy.

Posted by jenett on 03/27/14
data - ideas - web

to play your ‘favz’

/FAVORITES by jon-kyle
Posted by jenett on 03/21/14

‘run on time’

Mini Metro (prerelease)
Posted by jenett on 03/11/14

self-deleting text/images - The forgetful messaging service

Note: This is not an endorsement.

Posted by jenett on 03/10/14

Is this the new <blink>?

CSS Shake
Posted by jenett on 03/05/14

something new: ‘virtual buttons’

Posted by jenett on 03/01/14

to share and use

The Pattern Library
Posted by jenett on 01/26/14

‘be free’

Hiattus – “a platform for writing and publishing, anonymously”
Posted by jenett on 01/24/14

‘capture, write, and publish’

Hi – Real-time journalism and storytelling
Posted by jenett on 01/22/14

‘to wash away distraction’

A Soft Murmur
Posted by jenett on 12/31/13

‘word sprinting’

The Sprint Shack
Posted by jenett on 12/30/13

writing on leaves

On haikuing

Everyone should have an interest that involves looking like a nutter to other people occasionally, I think.

Posted by jenett on 12/19/13

here‘s something different...

OriDomi - origami for the web

The web is flat, but now you can fold it up.

Posted by jenett on 12/03/13

‘explores scalable iconography’

Responsive Icons
Posted by jenett on 11/11/13

‘surf together’


Note: This is not an endorsement. The dailywebthing has no affiliation with the company behind this service.

Posted by jenett on 11/10/13

‘social cluster of opinions’

Dear City

Dear City is a simple concept allowing a citizen to leave (anonymous) messages to the city he or she lives in...

[Guerrilla Innovation]

Posted by jenett on 11/04/13

‘make memories, not records’ - Email that fades away
Posted by jenett on 10/30/13

‘atomic design systems’

Pattern Lab
Posted by jenett on 10/28/13

new collaboration tool

Introducing TogetherJS
Posted by jenett on 10/23/13

text animation maker

Posted by jenett on 10/20/13

street designer/remixer

Posted by jenett on 09/24/13

new take on 'social'


Note: As of the time of this posting, the site's terms and conditions document is available only in Spanish and there appears do be no posted privacy policy.

Posted by jenett on 09/22/13

'extreme private browsing'

Epic Privacy Browser

Note: This is not an endorsement.

Posted by jenett on 09/20/13

cool (has some issues)


Make a use of your favicon with badges, images or videos

Posted by jenett on 09/10/13

disappearing tweets

Spirit for Twitter
Posted by jenett on 09/03/13

'very efficient'

the church of interruption
Posted by jenett on 08/30/13

making music with HTML5

HTML5 JavaScript Piano
Posted by jenett on 08/28/13

one calendar forever

Posted by jenett on 08/09/13

an experiment with a warning

emojitracker: realtime emoji use on twitter

It updates at the speed of updates on twitter in realtime, and thus contains rapidly updating visuals that may possibly cause problems for those sensitive to such things? I'm not sure, but I don't want to risk it, so here is a warning!

Posted by jenett on 07/31/13

'a certain timeframe'

Setting a cutoff point
Posted by jenett on 07/26/13

brain exercises

Delightful Puzzles
Posted by jenett on 07/08/13

It's all changed.

There Was A Time
Posted by jenett on 07/07/13

a look at 'ecosystem services'

Posted by jenett on 07/01/13

a 'cosmos journalism experiment'

The Daily Portal

THE DAILY PORTAL is about the future we're making and what it's doing to us.

ITS MISSION is to open the portals between people, so they can better know each other and work together.

Posted by jenett on 06/30/13

'make a promise'

Before I Die I Want To...

The question: "What do you want to do before you die?"

The answers: USA | India

Posted by jenett on 06/26/13

new spin on an old game

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe
Posted by jenett on 06/23/13

'make your mother proud'

Copy & Paste ASCII Art Welcome Mats for your HTML

Posted by jenett on 06/13/13

missing but playable

404 Not Found
Posted by jenett on 06/12/13

enter the 'smart home'

Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home

Forget to turn off the lights before leaving the apartment? No problem. Just raise your hand, finger-swipe the air, and your lights will power down. Want to change the song playing on your music system in the other room? Move your hand to the right and flip through the songs...

Posted by jenett on 06/06/13

data for nothing and tricks for free

Free information, as great as it sounds, will enslave us all

Note: Ads and sidebar includes links to sponsored content.

Posted by jenett on 06/01/13

promoting 'software freedom'

unhosted web apps – "freedom from web 2.0's monopoly platforms"
Posted by jenett on 05/23/13

'a perfectly feasible solution'

CSS only responsive navigation
Posted by jenett on 05/20/13

book forthcoming...

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

A compendium of the urges, vibes, aches and demons inhabiting the interior psychological landscape. Its mission is to harpoon, bag and tag wild sorrows, then release them back into the subconscious.


Posted by jenett on 05/17/13

free (for limited time)

ClippingMagic (Alpha) – "remove the background from your photos to create masks, cutouts, or clipping paths"
Posted by jenett on 05/15/13

measuring 'daily happiness'

Hedonometer (About)
Posted by jenett on 05/11/13

'discovery tool'

Gravity by Disqus
Posted by jenett on 05/05/13

'radically different'

Moot | Forums and commenting re-imagined

Note: This is not an endorsement.

Posted by jenett on 04/16/13

'a fresh take'

Posted by jenett on 04/15/13

'sharing creativity'

Picozu - the HTML5 image editor
Posted by jenett on 04/14/13

'a sense of infinity'

Collage.js – "Framework for creating live, dynamic, and interactive collages."
Posted by jenett on 04/13/13

pictures of 'records'

Extracting Audio from Pictures
Posted by jenett on 04/12/13

'crowd-searching platform'

Posted by jenett on 03/29/13

'gradients and color stops'

CSS3 Patterns Gallery
Posted by jenett on 03/26/13

one's thoughts on browsers

Why I'm Switching (Back) to Firefox
Posted by jenett on 03/20/13

how they compare (and play)

Posted by jenett on 03/14/13

'enough noise to work'

Coffitivity - Increase Your Creativity!
Posted by jenett on 03/13/13

'to download and use'

Pixelated New Orleans Houses
Posted by jenett on 02/27/13

'your daily dose'
Posted by jenett on 02/19/13

a refreshing idea

Let me refresh that for you.

Please use your best judgement and do not do anything creepy, malicious or illegal while using this website...

Posted by jenett on 02/15/13

short, temporary links – "Short, easy to say, quick to type links."
Posted by jenett on 02/09/13

'tune into chords'

Chordify (example)
Posted by jenett on 01/24/13

'some jumbled thoughts'

We are in the final years of our internet
Posted by jenett on 01/19/13

business-driven initiative

Internet of Things Consortium

One of the goals of the consortium is to see billions of connected devices that benefit from communication with other devices and services.

Posted by jenett on 01/16/13

a very nice 'try'

Typesetting Responsive CSS3 Columns
Posted by jenett on 01/13/13

finer quality not available

Where Are the Legal Lossless Downloads?
Posted by jenett on 01/02/13

a way to show emotions

The Grimace Project (Flash)
Posted by jenett on 12/22/12

'mostly faded away'

The Web We Lost
Posted by jenett on 12/20/12

'feedback exchange'

Get Feedback for Your Website -
Posted by jenett on 12/18/12

'drag, edit, save, share' | create and share visual ideas online
Posted by jenett on 11/15/12

experimental picture viewer

Posted by jenett on 11/12/12

'We become spectators...'

The Horrible Future of Social
[Eduardo Morais' stream]
Posted by jenett on 11/08/12

future of 'shared networks'

Open Wireless Movement
Posted by jenett on 11/05/12

'a thumbnail preview concept'

Posted by jenett on 11/04/12

'drawing with words'


(other experiments)

Posted by jenett on 10/28/12

a touching idea

Flick Scrolling
Posted by jenett on 10/10/12

to help find missing children – "Make better use of your 404-page."
Posted by jenett on 10/07/12

back to 1941...

Web History, a timeline
Posted by jenett on 09/28/12

from smoke signals to Twitter

"Back when people used to know how to truly communicate"
Posted by jenett on 09/24/12

'perfectly functional' trash

Governments Promote Planned Obsolescence, Too
Posted by jenett on 09/23/12

just around the corner...

Timeline of the far future

Related: Timeline of the near future

Posted by jenett on 09/16/12

interesting design possibilities

Posted by jenett on 09/02/12

'a reason for concern'

Gatekeeper and the rise of the Total Apple Consumer
Posted by jenett on 08/28/12

'a little pick-me-up'

The Nicest Place on the Internet
Posted by jenett on 08/19/12

'retro mutant camera' shots

Testing my Bessa-L
(more info)
Posted by jenett on 08/10/12

'for anyone, anywhere, anytime'

edX – "The Future of Online Education"
Posted by jenett on 08/07/12

interesting 'proof of concept'

CSSWARP - CSS Text to Path Generator
[The Letter]
Posted by jenett on 08/04/12

'a true browser innovation'

Stainless: A multi-process browser for OS X

Note: Still in development, but pre-release version is available.

Posted by jenett on 07/31/12

Take it for a spin...

Posted by jenett on 07/29/12

'a techie sausage fest'

Why I don't use Google+ (as a woman)
Posted by jenett on 07/06/12

'instantly and securely'

Remobo - Instant Private Network ™ Application

Note: This is not an endorsement.

Posted by jenett on 06/24/12

shortcuts for humans

8 Cheat Codes for Life

Share them with someone young in your life...

Posted by jenett on 06/15/12

various shots from above

Prison Map

What does the geography of incarceration in the United States look like?

[The Letter]

Posted by jenett on 06/11/12

Oh, never mind!

Politwoops - Deleted tweets from politicians

Sure, we all tweet things we don't mean to share, but now politicians have no way to hide them. Discover tweets that your politicians shared and then promptly deleted.

[Sunlight Foundation]

Posted by jenett on 05/31/12

'We take it for granted.'

The impossibility of imagining information discovery in the past

There's a whole class of information that's both trivially easy for Web-literate people to access today and virtually impossible to access with tools from even 10 or 15 years ago...

Posted by jenett on 04/29/12

It goes by fast...


Posted by jenett on 04/27/12

a 'blind courier'


Don't let sensitive information go around the world and sit in someone's account forever. We give you a one-time-usable link to send instead. Once it's seen it's gone for good! The message is encrypted on your computer and we can never see it.

Note: This is not an endorsement. If you choose to trust the unidentified author(s) of this tool with your sensitive information, you do so at your own risk!

Posted by jenett on 04/21/12

'owner-free' chat channels

This is a simple web chat. There is no signup, just enter a channel name below and start

[Hypnophant < simurai]

Posted by jenett on 04/09/12

'a way to stop hoarding'

Instapaper Placebo
Posted by jenett on 03/20/12

'an act of love'

spartan pizza napoletana
Posted by jenett on 03/19/12

'slightly crazy idea'

jQuery Scroll Path

(background info)

Posted by jenett on 03/16/12

space efficiency ≠ readability*


*in my opinion, anyway

Posted by jenett on 02/21/12

avoiding 'personalised bubbles'

I don't think you browse like I do
Posted by jenett on 02/07/12

'randomly generated diets' - The automatic diet planner
(see Disclaimer)

Note: This is not an endorsement.

Posted by jenett on 02/02/12

the missing option...

A Modest Proposal: Google, Take My Money

I just wish you'd take alternative forms of payment besides my eyeballs and my personal information.

Related: Paying with our data

Posted by jenett on 01/30/12

'The journey is yours...'

The Single Lane Super Highway
[Eduardo Morais' stream]
Posted by jenett on 01/21/12

Who built this puppy?

Humans TXT: We Are People, Not Machines.
Posted by jenett on 01/20/12

a message to the future Egg
Posted by jenett on 01/09/12

HTML5 canvas experiment

WebGL Liquid Surface
Posted by jenett on 12/31/11

cool creativity

Hide The Cracks
Posted by jenett on 12/12/11

'community of storytellers'

Cowbird - A witness to life (About)

Our short-term goal is to pioneer a new form of participatory journalism, grounded in the simple human stories behind major news events and universal themes. Our long-term goal is to build a public library of human experience, so the knowledge and wisdom we accumulate as individuals may live on as part of the commons, available for this and future generations to look to for guidance.

Posted by jenett on 12/09/11

map of traffic fatality data

ito! - Road Fatalities USA
Posted by jenett on 12/03/11

promotional 'demo'

Windows Phone 'Demo'

A 'demo' of the Windows Phone for viewing on your iPhone or Android phone.


Posted by jenett on 12/01/11

#OWS aggregator


Occupationalist is an impartial and real-time view of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Covering history as it unfolds. No filters. No delays.

Posted by jenett on 11/26/11

'off the grid-for-little-kids'

The Kid Should See This.

There's just so much science, nature, music, arts, technology, storytelling and assorted good stuff out there that my kids (and maybe your kids) haven't seen. It's most likely not stuff that was made for them...


Posted by jenett on 11/25/11

odd NYC-centricity

ExtendNY - New York City Extended
Posted by jenett on 11/21/11

'everything is changing'

WTF Mobile Web

We need better reasons. Real examples. Proof that what we are all doing is not working anymore. That's what this website is about. Examples convince. Seeing trends makes us smarter. The problem isn't insurmountable if it's known. So let's get to know the problem.

Posted by jenett on 11/19/11

'forced labor' survey

Slavery Footprint

How many slaves work for you? There are 27 million slaves in the world today. Many of them contribute to the supply chains that end up in the products we use every day. Find out how many slaves work for you, and take action.

Posted by jenett on 11/10/11


California is a place.
Posted by jenett on 11/09/11

'takes full spherical panoramas'

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera
Posted by jenett on 10/16/11

'an interactive music experience'

Posted by jenett on 10/14/11

'oblivious to the despair'

Painting and Powder
Posted by jenett on 10/02/11

'Get over it.'

Godsboard – "Make a billboard in the name of God!"

(post title based on this board)

Posted by jenett on 09/05/11


The evolution of the web

The color bands in this visualization represent the interaction between web technologies and browsers, which brings to life the many powerful web apps that we use daily.

Posted by jenett on 09/03/11

sounds of everyday things


What would we learn if we changed the way we looked at our cities? What if, instead of just looking at them, we could listen to them?

Posted by jenett on 09/02/11

offline file-sharing network

Dead Drops

Un-cloud your files in cement! 'Dead Drops' is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space.

[The Letter]
Posted by jenett on 08/22/11

'communication in public space'

The Untitled Project
[The Letter]
Posted by jenett on 08/04/11

'time travel' for images

Posted by jenett on 08/02/11

a chat with Querty

What A Chat Bot Taught Me About Being Human
Posted by jenett on 07/20/11

educating the public

100 Years of Sex

What is the best STD poster of the past century?

[Social Design Notes]

Posted by jenett on 07/09/11

degrees of minimalism

The year of the smart-enough phone
Posted by jenett on 07/05/11

'rethinking the desktop'


The mouse and the windowed desktop are perhaps the two greatest innovations in the history of human-computer interaction. But like all innovations, they are best seen as part of a continuum rather than a terminus.

Posted by jenett on 07/04/11

color in the sky

N SKY C – "The average color of the New York City sky, updated every 5 minutes." [Trivium]
Posted by jenett on 07/03/11

a time for color

The Colour Clock
Posted by jenett on 07/02/11

buzzwords in the news

Newswordy: Word of the day

Beware of links to external news sites with heavy and/or intrusive advertising.

Posted by jenett on 06/28/11

running the numbers

Remembrance of Links Past

Measuring link rot with a computer program is tricky because URLs have a number of different decay products...

Posted by jenett on 06/25/11

'pretense of empowerment'

The "walled garden" becomes a prison for reality
Posted by jenett on 06/20/11

What if?

Project Kleinrock

Project Kleinrock is an attempt to create an autonomous and decentralized "second layer" of the Internet, which can operate without the use of Internet Service Providers. This network can be set up using nothing more than common household wifi routers. It works by creating a web of routers, connected to each other by switching them into repeater mode...

Posted by jenett on 06/19/11

when life gives you lemons...

A couple dudes having a GREAT time at an airport
Posted by jenett on 06/18/11

interesting concept

AES text encryptor

Note: This is not an endorsement. Use at your own risk.

Posted by jenett on 06/15/11

handy mobile interface

Imaginary Phone

Imaginary Phone allows users to control their mobile devices without taking it out of their pocket. Instead, users mimic the interaction on the palm of their hand. The interaction is tracked by a wearable depth camera which sends input events to the actual physical device...

Posted by jenett on 05/24/11

dealing with cable clutter

elzr: A new desk
Posted by jenett on 04/25/11

social journalism


Storyful uses the power of social networks to create an authentic, cooperative and socially useful journalism.

Posted by jenett on 04/23/11

a 'generative sequencer'

Otomata (Flash)
Posted by jenett on 04/18/11

'diverse streams of urbanism'

Free Association Design (F.A.D.) – "explores space, place and systems through a range of writings, experiences and design research methods"
Posted by jenett on 03/20/11

'find color inspiration'

colorapi, Color chart search
Posted by jenett on 03/19/11

html5 billiards game

Agent 008 Ball

Case Study

Posted by jenett on 03/12/11

LAPD meets ambient music

You are listening to Los Angeles
Posted by jenett on 03/08/11

guess the title

Famous Objects from Classic Movies

Which movie does the object come from?

Posted by jenett on 03/05/11

'camouflage from face detection'

CV Dazzle

CV Dazzle™ is camouflage from computer vision (CV). It is a form of expressive interference that combines makeup and hair styling (or other modifications) with face-detection thwarting designs...

Posted by jenett on 03/01/11

street art everywhere

Street Art View
Posted by jenett on 02/14/11

a 'minimum safe distance'

My Internet Face

So is it worth it, should I give the ill-begotten miscreant teenager that is Facebook another try?

Posted by jenett on 02/08/11

subway system 'sounds'

MTA.ME (?)
Posted by jenett on 02/01/11

it's about humans, not brands

The Twitter Revolution Must Die
Posted by jenett on 01/31/11

Sunday morning challenge

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes
Posted by jenett on 01/23/11

something we're exploring...

Inform – "a design system for interactive fiction based on natural language"
Posted by jenett on 01/21/11

a little thought provocation

Minimalism is not a viable intellectual strategy

Minimalism cannot be a long-term strategy, but it makes an excellent short-term tactic.

Something to think about - can minimalism be a good long-term strategy?

Minimalism Is A Viable Long Term Intellectual Strategy

Posted by jenett on 12/31/10

'There is only passion.'

There is no talent

It's so easy to give up; it might almost seem like the whole world is against you. Well, forget about the rest of the world. There is no such thing as talent, and in the end you will end up as skilled as your "talented" heros.

Simply by following your passion.

Posted by jenett on 12/05/10

at 325 pages/minute

Photocopy Romance
Posted by jenett on 11/15/10

interesting concept in the works


Welcome to thimbl, the free, open source, distributed micro-blogging platform. If you're tired of being locked in to one micro-blogging platform, or a single social network. Or you're weary of corporations hi-jacking your updates in the pursuit of money, then thimbl is for you.

Thimbl is currently not ready for the world! We're still putting the finishing touches on what we hope will be a useful and successful application.

Posted by jenett on 11/11/10

'the information experience'

Qwiki (alpha) (see about)
Posted by jenett on 11/06/10

'all plain text'

Why I love text files
Posted by jenett on 10/24/10

'bits of inspiration'

Mini Motivation
Posted by jenett on 10/22/10

'share your ideas' (bookmarklet)


Draw on any webpage with MarkUp to quickly share your thoughts.

Posted by jenett on 10/20/10

'super-easy to use'

KEYS.css – "a simple stylesheet for rendering beautiful keyboard-style elements"
Posted by jenett on 10/17/10

on 'using and sharing creativity'

Do Open Educational Resources Increase Efficiency?
Posted by jenett on 09/25/10

'working to transform society'

Design Manifestos 2010 » 100+ Years of Design Manifestos
Posted by jenett on 09/18/10

'something different'

Ode - a simple personal publishing platform for the web – "Simple means you know how it works."

Note: This is not an endorsement.

Posted by jenett on 09/11/10

emotions and system behavior

Emotion Markup Language (EmotionML) 1.0
Posted by jenett on 09/02/10

'inspirational videos'

Posted by jenett on 08/12/10

cool online mapping tool

Posted by jenett on 08/08/10

be 'Proactively Nice'

Operation NICE

Don't you love it when people go out of their way to be nice? Like when someone waits to hold the door for you. Or when a stranger waves you into a line a traffic. Or even when a coworker shoots you a friendly smile along with a "have a nice day." If everyone was a little bit nicer to the folks they encountered each day, perhaps the world would be a more pleasant place. Operation NICE was initiated to remind you that a little NICE goes a long way.

[minor details]
Posted by jenett on 08/04/10

rediscovered this morning...

Some Photographs of That Day

Background information at Wikipedia:

Jamie Livingston (October 25, 1956 - October 25, 1997) was a New York-based photographer, film-maker and circus performer. Between March 31, 1979 and October 25, 1997, the day of his death, he took a single picture nearly every day with a Polaroid camera.

Posted by jenett on 08/01/10

photos 'lost in time'

time tales – "a collection of found photographs"
Posted by jenett on 07/15/10

'a step closer'

Toward the Semantic Web

If the current Web is like a giant text file - which you can search for instances of particular words – the Semantic Web would be like a database, where every item of information is categorized, and new queries can combine categories in any imaginable way. You could, for instance, search the Web for a restaurant within a mile of a railway station in a town with a theater that offers vegetarian lasagna and at least one lamb dish. And if you wanted the restaurant's menu, you could pull up just the menu – not page after page of review sites that happened to use the word "menu."

Posted by jenett on 06/22/10

live traffic cam datasets

TfL Live Traffic Cameras | London DataStore (see usage example)
Posted by jenett on 06/18/10

'for the hell of it'

I'm Just Walkin'
Posted by jenett on 05/29/10

changes (for the better)

Prescience (Or: Who Wants A Stylus?)
Posted by jenett on 05/13/10

another hyperlocal effort

Raise the Hammer

Raise the Hammer is a group of Hamilton, Ontario citizens who believe in our city's potential and are willing to get involved in making the city a more vibrant, livable, and attractive place to live and work.

Posted by jenett on 05/12/10

a new photo story...

Sorry, Mom!
Posted by jenett on 05/06/10

'subverts the profit model'

One Hour Photo – "Photographic works will be projected for one hour each, after which they will never be seen again, by anyone, in any form."
Posted by jenett on 05/05/10

a question worth asking

Why Are iPad Factory Workers Killing Themselves?
Posted by jenett on 04/19/10

on 'having options'

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Nowhere In Life
Posted by jenett on 04/18/10

'sense of triumph'

Dandelions 2010
Posted by jenett on 04/16/10

'neglected scribbles'

big doodles
Posted by jenett on 04/03/10
art - ideas - odd

'How interesting.'

Your company's urge to tweet
Posted by jenett on 03/28/10

'relaxation and liberalization'

Canon to begin acquisition of the ".canon" Top-Level Domain name [Surfstation]
Posted by jenett on 03/16/10

bravo for saying it

Advertising is devastating to my well-being

I run my own website(s) at a loss specifically because I'd rather pay out of my own pocket than force people to look at ads. Admittedly my sites are so small that it's not much money. But there you have it. If I had to generate revenue to keep my sites going, I would find a way other than advertising to do it. Or I'd shut them down.

Posted by jenett on 03/07/10

'hybrid forms of writing'

Typographia (Flash)
Posted by jenett on 03/06/10

learning aid prototype

Noteput – "An interactive music table with tangible notes, that helps students to learn the notation of music."
Posted by jenett on 02/19/10

which comes first

Excessive internet use is linked to depression

Our research indicates that excessive internet use is associated with depression, but what we don't know is which comes first - are depressed people drawn to the internet or does the internet cause depression?

Posted by jenett on 02/03/10

things to do...

52 Projects
Posted by jenett on 12/12/09

'new and untested'

OpenDNS Blog » Some thoughts on Google DNS
Posted by jenett on 12/04/09

keep it simple (and usable)

Your Post Box Is Too Small
Posted by jenett on 09/09/09

'perfectly healthy'

Jenny Holzer: Truisms
Posted by jenett on 09/03/09

reinventing instant film

Analogue appeal in a digital age
Posted by jenett on 08/30/09

just imagine...

Variations on normal
Posted by jenett on 08/26/09

(silly) pocket shrink?

Track Your Happiness
Posted by jenett on 08/07/09

'ruins of passing time'

art less pollution
Posted by jenett on 08/03/09

'OMG FREE STUFF bandwagon'

At what price?
Posted by jenett on 07/16/09

'modern surveillance'

When employers become watchers
Posted by jenett on 06/01/09

'impersonal and irrelevant'

Zach Klein: "I liked the Internet better when it was nebulous, and now I'm depressed that it shaping up to be a social pyramid."
Posted by jenett on 05/08/09

'cherishing the skills'

analogue natives
Posted by jenett on 12/08/08

on the 'pace of social change'

Litte by Little
Posted by jenett on 10/19/08

what we see and hear

We All Teach All the Time
Posted by jenett on 07/13/08

to provoke thought...

Le Grand Content (Quicktime)
Posted by jenett on 01/21/07

food for thought...

Dance, Monkeys, Dance (Flash)
Posted by jenett on 04/24/06

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