‘community for street photographers’

Urban Picnic Street Photography
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/01/16

‘stories about urbanism’

Granola Shotgun
Posted by joe.jenett on 10/31/15

gallery of station signs

NY Train Project
Posted by joe.jenett on 10/22/15

‘urban utopias’ (or not)

Welcome to Paradise
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/07/15

‘crowdmapping cities’

EcoCitizen World Map
Posted by joe.jenett on 10/26/14

aggregates facts about cities

288 Cities
Posted by joe.jenett on 08/20/14

a birthday salute

150 great things about the Underground
Posted by joe.jenett on 11/07/12

'cities, people and place'

Posted by joe.jenett on 10/08/11

'travel time maps'

Mapnificent – "Shows you areas you can reach with public transport in a given time."
Posted by joe.jenett on 06/05/11

a photographic 'journey'


Exploring has had a huge influence over my photographic life, but by no means is this solely an "exploring website". This site is my outlet for all my creative endeavors, whether they be exploring photography, nature photography, model photography, digital art, or even video production.

Posted by joe.jenett on 03/24/11

'diverse streams of urbanism'

Free Association Design (F.A.D.) – "explores space, place and systems through a range of writings, experiences and design research methods"
Posted by joe.jenett on 03/20/11

'of and about the city'

Urban Landscapes
Posted by joe.jenett on 09/24/10

exploring digital data


Over the past decade, the development of digital networks and operations has produced an unprecedented wealth of information. Handheld electronics, location devices, telecommunications networks, and a wide assortment of tags and sensors are constantly producing a rich stream of data reflecting various aspects of urban life...

Posted by joe.jenett on 08/10/10

another hyperlocal effort

Raise the Hammer

Raise the Hammer is a group of Hamilton, Ontario citizens who believe in our city's potential and are willing to get involved in making the city a more vibrant, livable, and attractive place to live and work.

Posted by joe.jenett on 05/12/10

'urban scapes'

Andrea Bosio - Urban Architecture Photography (Flash)
Posted by joe.jenett on 02/26/10

staples as art


Low-Rise is a precarious assemblage of thousands of free-standing stacks of staples densely tessellated to create a city-like mosaic. Like a city, the staples are subject to the elements, on a micro scale. The slightest breath or vibration and the domino effect kicks in.

Posted by joe.jenett on 09/06/09
art - odd - urban

'ruins of passing time'

art less pollution
Posted by joe.jenett on 08/03/09

'walls with stuff written on'

Pictures of Walls
Posted by joe.jenett on 08/01/09


The Journal of Urban Typography
Posted by joe.jenett on 08/06/08

'communication in public spaces'
Posted by joe.jenett on 07/23/07

street installations

Magical Urbanism
Posted by joe.jenett on 07/05/06

finding 'unintended beauty'

Artifacts from the Vernacular Urban Landscape
Posted by joe.jenett on 04/11/05

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