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Posted by joe.jenett on 01/29/10

'should be yours to control'

iPad is iBad for freedom

DRM is used by Apple to restrict users' freedom in a variety of ways, including blocking installation of software that comes from anywhere except the official Application Store, and regulating every use of movies downloaded from iTunes. Apple furthermore claims that circumventing these restrictions is a criminal offense, even for purposes that are permitted by copyright law.

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Posted by joe.jenett on 01/27/10

re: government-imposed censorship

The Great Australian Internet Blackout
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/25/10

automating tasks... visually

Picture-driven computing

Related: Beta release of Sikuli

Posted by joe.jenett on 01/23/10

bus-based photo project

From The Upper Deck
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/21/10

'new' vs 'old' media

Posted by joe.jenett on 01/19/10

'unusual' color reference

color vision (see intro)
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/18/10

an alternate reality

Bobble-a-go-go (ads)
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/17/10

an economic decision

Facebook's move ain't about changes in privacy norms
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/17/10

game console 'gallery'

Posted by joe.jenett on 01/15/10


First-Person Tetris (Flash)
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/14/10

'electromagnetic allergies'

Man sues neighbor for refusing to turn off wireless
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/13/10

Is your data safe? (2)

  • Official Google Blog: A new approach to China

    Like many other well-known organizations, we face cyber attacks of varying degrees on a regular basis. In mid-December, we detected a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure originating from China that resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google.

  • Official Google Enterprise Blog: Keeping your data safe

    This attack may understandably raise some questions, so we wanted to take this opportunity to share some additional information and assure you that Google is introducing additional security measures to help ensure the safety of your data.

Posted by joe.jenett on 01/12/10

practice your typing

Klavarog ?
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/11/10

light-based art

ocean of light
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/10/10
art - odd - video

'instant wisdom'

Things I am not allowed to do any more
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/09/10

jQuery resources

Tutorials - jQuery JavaScript Library
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/06/10

Mind Machine Project

Rethinking artificial intelligence
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/05/10

one for the kids

NCES Kids' Zone
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/03/10

List: Misc. Freeware (4)

Note: This is not an endorsement of any of the listed programs.

Posted by joe.jenett on 01/02/10

start fresh

PrimerCSS – "undercoats your CSS by pulling out all of your classes and id's and placing them into a starter stylesheet"
Posted by joe.jenett on 01/01/10

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